About us

Inspection services for the oil, gas and energy industry

Visage supplies inspection specialists to the oil, gas and energy industry. We are a multi-disciplinary company with Inspectors certified in all NDT methods, plant inspection and welding inspection all supported by qualified inspection engineers. Many of our inspectors are also access technicians, enabling us to conduct projects at elevated and in confined locations.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a bespoke service, giving us an important competitive advantage in the inspection market. Our extensive experience enables us to conduct inspections of oil rigs, storage tanks, ships, pipes and plant engineering components. Inspection services can cover single or multiple activities for onshore and offshore installations: • Plant inspection • Pressure systems (vessels, pipe work, safety valves) • Pipelines • Topside structures Our bespoke service provides: • Plant certification and reporting • Corrosion management • Process monitoring and NDT surveys • Trend and defect analysis • Specific equipment integrity assessment/evaluation • Creation of written schemes of examination • Risk assessments • Project management, planning and execution • Statutory compliance and application • Provision of competent engineers, specialists and technicians • Inspections on behalf of notified bodies All our Inspectors are certified in accordance with ISO 9712:2005. We employ staff qualified with the following certificating bodies, enabling us to work throughout the world: • CSWIP • PCN • Nordtest • ASNT

Qualified access technicians

Visage supplies qualified staff for carrying out work in places that are difficult to access. All our access technicians have various certificates of apprenticeship, which enables us to offer a wide selection of AT services. We can supply all types of qualified staff to land-based industry and the oil and gas sector. The company hires out staff for both long and short-term projects. Key personnel with high qualifications and extensive experience form the basis of the company's efforts.

We supply AT staff to offshore and to land-based industry globally. We offer access technicians with certificates of apprenticeships as: • Electricians • Mechanics • Surface finishers • Sheet-metal workers • Plumbers

Mechanical services staff

Visage supplies personnel with certificates of apprenticeship and experience from all types of mechanical trades. Most of our employees have offshore papers and experience from working globally. If your company requires skilled workers for long or short-term projects, contact Visage and we will find the people you are looking for.

We have developed a unique model for recruiting staff within all trades and can supply the required personnel quickly and efficiently. We offer staff with certificates of apprenticeship including: • Mechanics • Hydraulics • Sheet-metal workers • Plumbers • Welders • Industrial plumbers

Electrical services for the oil, gas and energy industry

Visage offers skilled electricians for long and short-term employment. Our employees have extensive qualifications and experience within all kinds of electrical trades.

We also offer our own electrical contracting services and can supply the installation services that your company requires. We offer staff with certificates of apprenticeship including: • Electricians • Automaticians .